Sunday, November 9, 2014

Don't Forget to Dance

I think the tough conversations are important. I want to talk about the big issues. I like to plan for the future. Vision and mission drive me. I could talk about these things all day long.

Today, though, I was reminded that none of this stuff matters if you don't take time to dance. Laughing really hard is important too.

When was the last time you took a dance break? Might be time, huh?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Let's Make Something Beautiful Together

What is beauty? Where does it live and how is it created? At one time in my life, I would have rattled off a list of commercial ideas that I believed constituted the idea of what made something beautiful. Now, I know better. Now, I understand something far greater about beauty. This is a beauty grounded in collaboration and connection.

In the last month, I have grown to understand yet a new definition of community. This is a space where people hold your hand and jump into the unknown with you. This is a group of people that are willing to take your own passion and energy and make it their own. The community I have experienced is one that I have felt in other parts of my life, but recently this drive for a common mission is stronger and more focused on students.

Great connections are born from simple ideas. That's My Cube is no exception. A passing idea turned challenge, turned discussion, turned passion. This is where possibly lives.

That's My Cube is a project that allows educators and students to share their collective stories. By designing a cube and crafting a story, this 3D printed cube can be added to a ever changing art structure. This fluid structure changes as cubes and stories are added. This art piece is owned by no one and belongs to everyone. This piece of art is ours.

That's My Cube is about building beautiful things together. It is a project based on the foundation that when we are connecting and creating in a collaborative space we embrace the beautiful possibilities of our collective selves.

So, please, join us. We want to welcome you into this community. We want this project to include your stories and belong to your students.

Want to read more about That's My Cube and the impact it is having on learning? You got it.

Krissy Venosdale (@venspired)- Don’t Just Think Outside the Box, Recreate ItBrad Gustafson (@GustafsonBrad)- Sharing Your Story in 3D