Sunday, January 11, 2015

Creative Adventures

Photo by Wilsonapxe

Over the last few months, this blog space hasn't seen much action. There are a millions reason for this. Mainly, I have been focusing my energy elsewhere. I have been reflecting in different ways, spending more time talking with others about my work rather than writing and blogging. Like all things in my life, writing seems to be a cyclical process for me.

As the new year began, I started thinking about how I was using this space. I like writing and reflecting about my work with kids and my messy dive into leadership, but recently I have been seeking something different. The true discovery of a need for something different came from a short exploration activity to decide on my One Word for 2015. Sam Davidson, one of most inspiring people I know, challenged me to pick a word that would drive me this year. We have pledged to stay true to this word in order to improve, achieve, and change in exciting ways this year.

I landed on the word adventurequestfind, presence...

I actually ran through nine words before landing on the right one. The chosen word rattled around in my head for a while. Then, a friend read me a poem and this word slid off the page and into my heart.


This year, I will not be afraid to search the darker corners. I will be bold enough to discover the pieces of myself that have been hidden for too long (forever?). I will find comfort in noticing the beauty around me, even when I am lost. In this searching, I will practice grace and presence. I might not always be satisfied with everything I find, but I vow to keep my heart as open as my eyes.

So from this, I will embark on my first adventure, which is creative in nature. For the next 30 days I will write and post one poem every day. These daily poems will probably be messy. That's okay with me, this is an experience in seeing how far I can stretch my creative-self, matched with my disciplined-self.

This is me, searching, through words. For the next 30 days, you can find my posts HERE.